Garden Bounty ~ Week Ending 8/9/14

After being away on vacation for a week and a half, I had quite a bit to harvest when I returned home. I did lose a few things – a bunch of overripe tomatoes, a cantaloupe, a handful of peppers, etc. – but the garden fared well for the most part. On the day I returned, I harvested a pound of tomatoes, almost 5 pounds of peppers, almost 6 pounds of melons, and over 3 pounds of winter squash. Not too shabby for a day’s harvest!

In the photos, produce is identified from the top, clockwise.


I love seeing a variety of produce in my harvest basket!

Betterbush butternut squash, black futsu squash,

Betterbush butternut squash, black futsu squash, Emerald Giant green bell peppers, mini yellow stuffing pepper, mini red bell peppers, Riesentraube cherry tomatoes, Amish paste tomato, black krim tomato, rich sweetness melon, Tam Dew honeydew, black futsu squash, early moonbean (yellow) watermelon. In the center: cubanelle peppers & Wisconsin tomato.

My lemon drop pepper plants are so loaded with peppers the branches are bent over. I harvested almost 200 of them! And, I harvested my first rocoto pepper – another Peruvian chili pepper. (By the way, my “mystery hot” pepper below is from seed given to me. I have no idea what it is, but I liked it enough to save seed and grow it every year.)

Rocoto pepper,

Rocoto pepper, pepperoncini, lemon drop peppers, fish peppers, “mystery hot” pepper, jalapenos, cayenne peppers.

My two little Filius blue pepper plants sure put out a lot of peppers! They turn red at maturity and are actually milder when red.

Filius blue peppers

Filius blue peppers

What are you harvesting from your garden?



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