Seeds & Supplies

I order seeds, plants, and supplies from the following companies.


These companies have great seeds, plants, and trees. Shop online or ask for a free catalog.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company ~ They are very active fighting against GMO food.

Seed Savers Exchange ~ Webinars are also available at their site

Pinetree Seeds ~ Not all their seed is heirloom, but they have great prices on the heirloom varieties.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange ~ Another great source for heirloom seed

Jung Seed ~ Great prices on berry canes & plants

Burpee ~ You can order online or at your local retail store.

Willis Orchards Company ~ Great prices on trees, excellent customer service, honest one-year guarantee.

Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards ~ Another nursery with great prices and wonderful customer service (including a one-year guarantee). They also have a blog you can sign up for with great information on planting as well as recipes.


Grow lights: 85 watt compact fluorescent grow lights for seedlings can be found at for a reasonable price.

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