Check out these great educational resources:

Medical University of South Carolina’s Urban Farm has a website full of gardening information; conducts workshops, seminars, and school tours; and welcomes volunteers to gain hands-on experience at their community garden in downtown Charleston, SC.

Clemson University Cooperative Extension has great information specific to South Carolina agriculture.

Seeds Savers Exchange Webinars are short and easy to understand.  They also have a blog that is informative.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service has great articles on sustainable agriculture, organic pest control, organic farming, etc.

Washington State Department of Agriculture has a database of commercial fertilizers (organic & inorganic) and what’s in them.

Homesteading and Survivalism has great educational resources, including CDs that contain about 20 books each from the early 1800s to early 1900s on bee keeping, canning/preserving, etc. They also have a Facebook page.

Farmer’s Almanac’s website allows you to sign up for a free daily email, giving you the information you need for the day. Of course, you can always order the annual almanac from the site, as well.

Plant Maps has an interactive site that will give you weather information – including average first and last frost dates – based on the zip code you enter.

YouTube is a great place to learn about gardening. My favorite gardener – and the one I’ve learned the most from – is Ray Browning. He has two channels: Praxxus55712 and Voodoo Garden. You can also find him on Facebook. I’ve learned so much from him!

Another YouTube gardener whose videos I enjoy is MIGardener. A young man from Michigan,  he’s done a great job with seed germination, seed saving, and growing marvelous plants.

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