Here are Charleston, SC organizations you might be interested in.

Lowcountry Fruit Growers Society ~ Learn about fruit, their horticultural needs, and the ability to grow them in Charleston. Contact:

Charleston Permaculture GuildA coalition of individuals learning, teaching, and implementing permaculture in and around Charleston. Contact:

Charleston Horticultural Society ~ open membership, lectures, workshops, tours

S.C. Herbal Society ~ For a small annual membership fee, members learn about medicinal herbs during monthly meetings, workshops, seminars, and field trips. An herbalist apprenticeship is available as well.


5 comments on “Organizations

  1. I am having trouble with my cabbage this year. seems to be infested with either white fly or aphids. I have sprayed a supposed natural spray and that did not seem to eliminate them. Not sure, I do not see any live insects but the cabbage is covered with eggs. They are also on my tomato plants. Need to get my big magnifying glass out and look at one of the leaves to see what is happening. Any ideas? The cabbage are planted both in my Hydroponic Ebb and Flow buckets and in my Aquaponic Garden tray on top of my Fish tank.

  2. I have not had much success with broccoli or cabbage here in the South. My problem was cabbage loopers – tiny little whitish worms eating holes in all the leaves. I have since learned that Bt powder, mixed with water (per instructions) is a certified organic way to kill cabbage loopers. I didn’t plant cabbage or broccoli this spring, so I haven’t tried it. I’m not sure if that’s what you have, but Bt powder can be ordered online. It’s worth a try.

    My turnips (in the fall) get dozens and dozens of tiny eggs on the underside of the leaves. Not sure if it’s what you have, but I’ve just thrown away the leaves (instead of eating them). No harm was done to the turnip itself (the root). I have no idea what those eggs are though.

    I’m still astounded at the variety of insects in this area of the country! There are times I want to close my eyes, click my heels, and say, “There’s no place like home.”

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