How to Build a Hoop Tunnel

Last week, I decided – albeit, rather last minute – to build hoop tunnels over four of my raised beds. I figured I had time to get it done before our usual first frost date of November 21 or so. Surprise of surprises, the forecast called for temperatures in the 30s last Friday night (and we got our first frost two weeks early on November 2). So, last Friday, my Garden Wilson and I were running to Lowes to get the supplies and build the hoop tunnels to use that night. Thankfully, it was less expensive than I thought and were super easy to build. If you haven’t thought about covering one or more of your raised beds to extend your growing season (or be able to grow a wider variety of crops in the fall and winter), see how easy it really is to do. How to build a hoop tunnel!

The Good Idea that Wasn’t

The Good Idea that Wasn't PicDuring this week’s garden update, I mentioned how hard I had worked in the garden last weekend, but all I got accomplished was preparing the raised beds (and still have four more to do). Twelve hours of labor on five beds! What was I doing and why did it take me so long?

The good idea that wasn’t!

My Garden in Seasonal Transition

At the end of July, I put in five new raised beds before leaving on vacation. I figured we could pretty up the garden when I got back. Well, by the time August hit, it got so bloody hot for so bloody long, it was all I could do to stay outside long enough to keep the plants alive and harvest the crops. So, now that the weather has started tacking towards autumn, it was time to pretty up the garden while further transitioning it for this new growing season. More!

My Garden is Growing

Last week, I mentioned that I was expanding my garden to add five more raised beds. This is so I can have more space to rotate my crops, be able to plant crops that cross planting seasons (without affecting the planting of other crops), and utilize all the space on the side of my house so there’ll be no more lawn there. (See yesterday’s post on Edible Landscaping.) Well, the raised beds are now made, painted,¬†and installed – just waiting to be filled with soil and compost this weekend. I’m so excited about the expansion of my garden, I wanted to share it with you all. See the process!

How to Build a Raised Bed

It’s planting season, and you have your seeds ready to go. But where are you going to plant them? You have several options. If you live in an apartment or condo – or have a very small yard – you can plant in pots. However, if you have a larger yard, you will have to decide whether you wish to plant directly in the ground or in raised beds.

Raised beds are preferable for several reasons. But wait, there’s more!