A Techie I Am Not

No Techie picGood morning, everyone. Unfortunately, I don’t have an interesting gardening article for you today. (Sorry, I should’ve warned you before you gasped and spilled your coffee! LOL) But I would, at least, like to explain why – and maybe give a plug for a good company while I’m at it. I’m not a techie!

On the Homestead ~ Goals for 2016

2016 Goals picGood afternoon, everyone. I apologize for the late posting today. This whole week has been a bit crazy. In fact, you probably noticed that I posted my last article on Monday instead of Tuesday. I got my dates mixed up when I set up the posting calendar. I think going back to the office after working from home has me and my days a little discombobulated. Anyway, I thought I’d take today to go over my goals for 2016 and give you some resources to help you make your own goals for the year. 2016 Goals!

Taking a Much Needed Break

Sand Snowman via wbpllc.wordpressGood morning, everyone. It’s been rather balmy here in the Charleston, SC area. The only snowmen to be seen would have to be made out of sand! However, we do have a cold front coming through later in the week, with a possible freeze next Monday night. You’d think I would’ve taken advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures and finally get my garden cleaned up, but no. Instead, I decided to take a much needed break – from everything – including having an interesting post for you guys today. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for over a year now, and I needed to take an entire week off to do nothing but sleep late, watch movies, and read. I’m already beginning to feel refreshed.

I apologize that I don’t have a fascinating educational article for you today or any awesome garden pics to share. But, I figure you would understand. After all, you’re probably taking a break to be with family and relax during the holidays yourselves.

I hope you are enjoying your time of celebration with your families and friends. The new year is almost upon us…and it’ll be time to start planning our spring gardens and order our seeds. Spring will be here before you know it, so relax while you can!

Enjoy the last few days of 2015, my garden buddies!


First Canning Session of the Year

Hot pepper relish 28Oct15 SGGood morning, everyone! If you’ve been following me through the summer, you all know what a problem I’ve had with my garden – heat, drought, problems with soil, more heat, deluge of rain. So, it’s not surprising that I haven’t had large enough harvests to can anything. Until this week. Forgive my excitement, but this is THE first thing I’ve canned all year! First canning of the year!

My Trees in Israel

Certificate for planting 3 pomegranate trees in Israel Oct15 SGGood morning, folks. I have to admit, yesterday was not one of my better days. Work is kicking my butt, and I had my hands full all day. However, after dragging my tired carcass home after work yesterday, I opened my mail and found something that turned my whole day around! My trees in Israel!

Charleston’s Storm of the Century

Storm of the century picGood morning, everyone! By now, I’m sure you have seen our fair city – and state – on every news channel because of the torrential rains and flooding we have had – and are still experiencing in many areas. It’s been one long stretch of weather, let me tell you! Well, you’ve seen the newscasts and the internet photos. Today, I’ll share with you how the storm affected me and my homestead. Charleston’s Storm of the Century!

She’s Dead, Jim!

Dead Garden pic

Hi, everyone. I know I promised you the September installment of “How My Garden Grows” this week. However, that is no longer possible. There just isn’t enough of my garden left alive and well to take pictures of, bed by bed. In fact, my work schedule, the high holy days, and rain on weekends have, together, made it near impossible for me to clear the weeds, and they’re now running the show in several of my beds! Trust me, you don’t want to see my garden now. Heck, even I don’t want to see it! <sigh>

As we march towards first frost, I’ll share pictures of plants here and there, but the How My Garden Grows series is over for the year. (I promise I’ll still do the slide show in December for everyone.) That said, I have a couple pictures for you, taken a couple weeks ago (when the sun was shining — that yellow orb we haven’t seen in days and days). Pictures from my garden!

Let the Rains Begin!

NHC image 30Aug15Hi, everyone! I thought I’d make a quick post today to update everyone on what’s going on here in Charleston. Thank you so much for everyone’s concern, thoughts, and prayers! I thought I’d give you all an update. Update on tropical storm!

Hurricane Preparations on the Homestead

TS Erika forecast 5 pm 27Aug15Good morning, everyone! It looks like hurricane season has finally arrived this year for real. Yep, that picture above is the latest forecast, as of this writing (last night). At the top of the cone in South Carolina, very close to the longitude line, on the coast, lies Charleston. The forecast isn’t calling for a landfall in Charleston, but the eye will come close to the coast. How close? No one knows just yet. With tropical storm force winds reaching 105 miles from the center (the eye), my homestead will be in that stormy weather range one way or another. So, it’s time to prepare.  Hurricane preparations on the homestead!