Let the Rains Begin!

NHC image 30Aug15Hi, everyone! I thought I’d make a quick post today to update everyone on what’s going on here in Charleston. Thank you so much for everyone’s concern, thoughts, and prayers! I thought I’d give you all an update.

Thankfully, Tropical Storm Erika took a more westerly track than originally forecast and was influenced by more land mass than originally anticipated. That caused the storm to not only have little chance of developing into a hurricane, but also was the storm’s ultimate ruin. It is no longer a tropical storm (good news). However, it is still packing quite a bit of rain.

Unfortunately, we here in Charleston are already forecast to have several days of rain (Gulf moisture plus Atlantic moisture), and the remnants of Erika are going to add to that. Here in the Lowcountry, regular storms cause flooding in downtown Charleston (and elsewhere). In addition to all that rain coming (actually, it has just begun as I am writing this), we will be experiencing what are called King Tides (exceptionally high tides during a full moon) through September 2. According to the National Weather Service, we may experience the worst flooding in years downtown.

My homestead will be just fine. I live on high ground (well, high for the Lowcountry!), and my property is sloped away from the house. The issue is that I work downtown – a veritable filled-in marsh on the coast. I may just need to row a boat to my office this week. Or work from home. Hmm…wouldn’t that be nice!

Well, the hatches are battened down for the rain, and I have my rain gear and Wellies at the ready. We dodged Erika as a tropical storm.

Now to keep an eye on Tropical Storm Fred. <sigh> ‘Tis the season!



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