Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 3/2/15

Well, it’s finally March. Only three more weeks til spring – at least, on the calendar, right? I know the Northeast is still buried under snow, Virginia just received almost a foot of snow, the midwest is always under snow, and the South is still having below-freezing nights. I’m sure all of you are anticipating spring as much as I am…maybe more so! That said, the weather this week has been chilly, raw, and rainy. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate with my days off (from work), so I don’t have as many photos to share with you this week. Hope you enjoy the few I do have though.


I have three Tiny Tim tomato seedlings now, two of them just popping through the soil. These are from the second planting I did.

Tiny Tim tomato seedlings

Tiny Tim tomato seedlings

I reordered some seed, and I hope to replant other tomatoes, peppers, and squash tonight. (Necessary because of damping off and no seed germination. Going to start again for those.)


What seedlings have germinated are doing well. Here are my pretty eggplant – three varieties.

Eggplant seedlings

Eggplant seedlings

My red watermelon seedlings are very pretty.

Watermelon seedlings

Watermelon seedlings


My Tom Thumb peas are doing well, both along my walkway and in my pots.

Tiny Tim peas

Tom Thumb peas

I know, technically, this isn’t “in the garden,” but it will be as soon as the weather is warm enough. This is my Black Krim tomato cutting that I transplanted. It’s now three feet tall! Yesterday, I found flower buds at the top of the plant. My other buds were smaller and shriveled up instead of opening. I hope these open up into flowers.

Black Krim tomato cutting transplant - buds

Black Krim tomato cutting transplant – buds


I harvested a head of lettuce this week, and it made enough salad for all of us. I just love this lettuce!

Reine des Glaces lettuce

Reine des Glaces lettuce

What’s happening on your homestead this week?


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