A Techie I Am Not

No Techie picGood morning, everyone. Unfortunately, I don’t have an interesting gardening article for you today. (Sorry, I should’ve warned you before you gasped and spilled your coffee! LOL) But I would, at least, like to explain why – and maybe give a plug for a good company while I’m at it.

First, if you tried to access my website last night via sanctuarygardener.com, you may have seen an error message rather than my website. That’s because I was working on transferring my website domain name from one company to another and – as the post title indicates – a techie I am not! I can figure my way around the garden with the best of them, even if by trial and error; but when it comes to being computer savvy, well…I was busy standing in the green-thumb line when that gift was handed out.

Basically, I was trying to transfer my domain name from a very large, well-known web hosting service to GoDaddy, where I have my business website (anchorlinevintage.com) located. My web hosting account expired yesterday, and I thought I had until midnight to take care of the transfer – you know, seeing as the day ends at midnight. Well, the web hosting service determined my account was expired at 7 a.m. Guess who couldn’t log in and get the information on her website?? <eye roll>

Well, I tried calling said web hosting service – twice – with hold times of 30-40 minutes each time! (I never did talk to anyone there.) So, I decided to start the transfer process and go from there. It all went well, until I needed an authorization code from the web hosting service where my account had just expired.

I called GoDaddy for help and got someone immediately!! He walked me through everything to be sure I had done things correctly up to that point. (I had – yeah, me!) But he informed me that I would definitely need that authorization code from the other company. He also told me a couple of other things that I needed to have done to my domain name in order to allow GoDaddy to transfer it to themselves.

Well, after two attempts at calling the web hosting service and receiving such long wait time estimates, I decided to try live chat. Guess what? Live chat gave an estimated waiting time of 35 minutes! Who ever heard of waiting times on live chat? ARGH!

Well, somehow, I kept trying to log in to my expired account and found the information on my domain. From there, I found how to do what GoDaddy told me to do and found the authorization code for transfer!! <segue marching band song>

I put in the transfer information, approved the transfer, and it worked! I then called GoDaddy back to ask another question on how to do something. Again, I immediately got a person to talk to. Then, he didn’t just answer my question. He did what I needed to have done himself – so I wouldn’t have to. What customer service!!

Now, here’s my plug. If you are thinking of creating a blog or your own website, use GoDaddy. They have been wonderful! No long wait times, staff that is here in the U.S., inexpensive prices, and fantastic customer service. I’m a fan, for sure!

Now, as for me dazzling you with garden stories and agricultural education, well, that will have to wait for another day. I was so overwhelmed last night, trying to be sure my URL worked (it does now), I was too ferhoodled (an Amish word for confused, messed up, etc.) to be creative. But, I did owe you an explanation, and I thought I’d give a good company a round of applause and a plug for their business.

Here’s to GoDaddy for helping this non-techie gardener with her domain transfer!

Clapping hands via clker


Now, is there someone who can help this gardener with garden clean up? 😉



One comment on “A Techie I Am Not

  1. Hi Rosemarie,
    If you are serious about wanting garden clean-up help and live in the Summerville/Ladson area, email me. I’d be glad to try to arrange a time to come help you. I prefer to get my exercise in the garden and mine does not need much work at the moment. I, however, could use the exercise 🙂 .

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