10 Great Herbs for Your Home Farmacy ~ Part 2

mortar pestle via commons.wikimedia.org

As a member of the South Carolina Herbal Society, I’m learning a lot about the wonders of herbs. After each monthly class, I’ve been sharing with you the information I’ve learned. This month’s class was on ten great herbs for your home farmacy. Last Friday, I wrote about the first five herbs in Part 1 of this two-part series. Today, I’ll share the remaining five herbs we discussed in class. Herbs for your farmacy!

Herbal Allies in the Garden ~ N through Z

Last week, I posted the first article in this two-part series, “Herbal Allies in the Garden ~ A through M.” Today, I’m sharing with you the herbal (and floral) allies list N through Z. Again, although this list is not exhaustive, it represents many of the common herbs and flowers gardeners plant. Consider growing these among your vegetables and fruit trees to help repel garden pests and disease as well as draw beneficial insects to your garden. And the added beauty is always a plus! Learn about herbal allies!