Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 2/3/14

In my last post, I shared pictures of my homestead during Winter Storm Leon. Today, I’m sharing photos of my garden during the storm, as well as a few pictures of the aftermath. Ice covered everything for three days. That’s a record for the Charleston, SC area – at least, since I moved here 19 years ago. I basically gave up all hope of having any kind of harvest this winter crop; between the cold that delayed germination until just before the storm (and that’s if anything germinated at all) and the ice storm itself, I was in despair. However, I was surprised at what survived and what was damaged or lost. Winter Storm Leon in my garden!

Winter Storm Leon Visits Charleston, SC

It’s been a cold and icy three days here in the Charleston, SC area. Winter Storm Leon arrived on the afternoon of January 28, and my homestead stayed below freezing until the late afternoon of January 30 (yesterday). We didn’t get the snow the forecast predicted (just a dusting instead of 2-4 inches), but we got the ice storm they expected. I stayed up late into the night to get pictures of the storm’s progression, then took lots of pictures in the morning. Winter Storm Leon pictures!

Preparing for an Ice Storm in the South

Forecast for Winter Storm Leon in coastal South Carolina

Forecast for Winter Storm Leon in coastal South Carolina

Yes, I’m posting a day early this week. (I normally post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.) However, with the forecast of an ice storm followed by snow today, I’m concerned that I may not have electricity or WiFi to post on Wednesday morning, so I’m posting on a Tuesday. As of yesterday afternoon, we officially moved from a winter storm watch to a winter storm warning, and the storm was named Leon. The Iceman cometh to South Carolina; and if he stays too long, we’ll have to call him Bubba. Homestead preparations!