Garden Bounty ~ 6/16/13

This has been a great week of harvesting here in my Sanctuary Garden! I was almost overwhelmed with lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, and snap beans. We’re eating lots of salads, and I pickled beans and cucumbers. Yesterday, I made almost a dozen stuffed peppers. And more are coming. I picked my first cherry tomato yesterday, and a few Mortgage Lifter, blue and Roma tomatoes are almost ready! This is my favorite part of gardening. See the harvests!

Garden Bounty ~ 6/9/13

We received a lot of rain this past week, but not as much as we could have. Thankfully, Tropical Storm Andrea didn’t bring us as much rainfall as predicted. Yet, the rain we did get seemed to spur the harvest. Last night, I entertained family and my entire meal was provided by two weeks of harvests from my garden (except the meat, of course). I was pretty proud of that! Take a look!

Sanctuary Spotlight: How to Grow Snap Beans

It’s spring, and gardeners everywhere are squealing with glee as they gather seed and turn their soil for planting. Here in the South, our crops are already well on their way. One of my favorite spring crops is snap beans. Where I grew up, we called the green variety “string beans” and the yellow variety “wax beans.” No matter what you call them, they are a kitchen staple in spring cuisine and are easy to grow. How to grow snap beans!