How to Build A Teepee Trellis

Teepee - painted SG

Last year, I purchased Rosalind Creasy’s book, Edible Landscaping. What a wonderful book chock full of ideas! In one of the pictures of her garden, I saw a teepee trellis covered with a vining plant. What caught my attention is the finial on the top of the trellis. I thought that was such a novel idea – and I wanted a couple of those teepee trellises for myself. I thought they would look great in my front yard as I stretch my garden space. Well, because my beau (aka Garden Wilson) has so much talent, all I had to do was show him the picture and he made me two beautiful teepee trellises! And he agreed to help me write today’s article, so you can build these beautiful trellises for your garden.