Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 2/24/13

What a week here in the Charleston area! I think the weather can’t figure out if it’s winter or spring. After 3.9 inches of rain last week, we received another 2.3 inches this week (almost all of it in the past two days). That was interspersed with below freezing temperatures and a couple hard frosts. Surprisingly, most of my garden has survived – including the strawberry buds (see above picture). Unfortunately, there were some casualties. Come take a look!

Long Day vs. Short Day Onions

Last fall, I decided to try growing onions from seed. I figured I’d plant some seed in the fall and onion sets (baby onion plants) in the late winter. All excited, I ordered a couple packets of onion seed. When they arrived, I noticed the packets stated they were long-day onions. Curious, I researched onions online – and found out I bought the wrong type of onion seed for my latitude. What’s the difference!