Flowers in the Garden ~ Apiaceae & More

Flowers in the Garden Apiaceae & More pic

Welcome to the fourth, and final, article in my Flowers in the Garden series. Today we will look at the Apiaceae family, which is also known as the carrot family. I’m also giving you a bonus of various other flowers in my edible garden! Apiaceae flowers and more!

Spring Flowers

It’s the end of April, and we’ve had several gully-washer rain storms in the past two weeks. It makes me think of that old phrase, “April showers bring May flowers.” Because spring fever is now rampant in every hardiness zone, I thought the first post of May should be pictures of spring flowers. Some pictures were taken last year – like the eggplant flower in the picture above. Other pictures show what’s blooming in my garden now. Come enjoy!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 1/13/13

With the unseasonably warm weather here in the Charleston, SC area, seedlings are popping out all over my garden. So much so, I felt another garden update was needed. Here’s what has happened in my garden since Friday’s update. But wait, there’s more!