Salubrious Soil: the Original Wonder Drug

I’m sure most of you reading this realize that gardening is a healthy activity. It gets you out in the sun (so your body can make vitamin D), gives your body some exercise (planting, harvesting, weeding), and produces vitamin-rich, healthy food for you and your family. Gardening has also been known to make you feel better – giving you something to care for (and care about) and regaling your eyes with color and beauty. But, did you know that there is now scientific evidence that gardening also improves your immune system, increases intelligence, and decreases depression? Learn more!

Soil Testing

Whether you decide to plant directly into your ground or in raised beds, you will need to test your soil to be sure it has the correct pH and enough nutrients to support your plants. Soil testing is recommended at least annually, but if you have problems with your soil, you may wish to test more often. (I test twice a year.) There are two ways to do this. You can have your soil professionally tested or you can test it yourself with a home soil test kit. But wait, there’s more!