Flowers in the Garden ~ Apiaceae & More

Flowers in the Garden Apiaceae & More pic

Welcome to the fourth, and final, article in my Flowers in the Garden series. Today we will look at the Apiaceae family, which is also known as the carrot family. I’m also giving you a bonus of various other flowers in my edible garden! Apiaceae flowers and more!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 4/22/13

This is my second year gardening in the Charleston, SC area, but I am still amazed at the new things I see in my garden. For example, as my following knows, I planted three types of potatoes in five-gallon buckets – three white fingerling, two peach-colored fingerling, and five purple potatoes. (I bought them at the grocery store, so I’m unsure of the exact varieties.) The peach fingerlings are now blooming! (See picture above.) There are no blooms on the other potato plants, but I learned not all potatoes flower. Who knew? Come see what else is new in my garden this week!