2014 County Fair Canning Competition Results

Here it is, everybody. The moment you’ve been waiting for. Well, I’m sure you weren’t sitting on pins and needles, gnawing your fingernails, waiting to hear the judges’ results of the canning competition. (That was actually me. 😉 ) However, I do know many of you have been wondering how I did in my county fair’s canning competition. Canning competition results!

2014 Coastal Carolina Fair Canning Competition Submissions

I’m so excited! The 2014 Coastal Carolina Fair starts tomorrow, and I entered some of my canned produce in the competition. This is my second year competing, and I headed to the fairgrounds last Saturday to submit my goodies. 2014 Canning competition submissions!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 10/27/14

It was another mild – and dry – week in the garden. Still no rain and none in the forecast for another ten days. If nothing changes, at month’s end, my garden log will record only 1.1″ of rain the entire month of October. Meanwhile, my water bill increases. But that’s okay. The seedlings are growing, and the plants are fruiting. There’s about four weeks left until first frost here. Maybe we’ll have a little more time this year? We’ll see. This week’s garden photos!

2013 County Fair Canning Competition Results!

Today is the moment you’ve been waiting for – the results of the canning competition at our tri-county fair. I went to the fair on Saturday and ran straight to the Creative Arts Building to see if I won any ribbons. This was my first year canning, but I was still hopeful to win at least one ribbon. Did I get a surprise! And the winner is…!

The Fair is Coming!

It’s October, and here in the Charleston, SC area that means it’s fair time. Every year, on the last Thursday of October, the Coastal Carolina Fair kicks off eleven days of fun. I’ve missed only a couple of years since I moved here eighteen years ago. It’s one of my favorite things to do in the fall. This year, however, I’m looking at the fair a little differently. More!

Raspberry Preserves

Raspberry preserves first place

This weekend, I was able to make 24 half-pints (three batches) of raspberry preserves (or jam) out of my spring harvest. After eating plenty of fresh raspberries over the course of two months, I still had enough to freeze for preserves.

Raspberries defrosting for preserves

Raspberries defrosting for preserves

Making preserves is not as difficult as one would think. I used Kraft Sure-Gel pectin and used the recipe on the insert. Raspberry preserves was my first attempt at canning, and I’m happy to say that I won first place for my preserves at my county fair! See recipe!