Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 4/27/15

The sun finally came out earlier in the week, and my seedlings are lapping up the rays. I’ve had to water a few times this week (as the seedling roots are still shallow), and all are doing well. Yesterday, I did my first complete walk-through of the garden, and I was surprised at some of the things I found! This week’s garden photos!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 7/28/14

It seems the slight reprieve from the oppressive heat is over. We’re back into the 90s with high humidity. My stints in the garden are staggered between long water breaks in the air conditioning. I have quite a bit to do in the garden, but I’m having trouble getting it all done on schedule due to the heat. Welcome to gardening in South Carolina. Happily, however, we did get over an inch and a half of rain this week. I think the dry spell is over, and my garden is happy about that. This week’s garden photos!

Flowers in the Garden ~ Apiaceae & More

Flowers in the Garden Apiaceae & More pic

Welcome to the fourth, and final, article in my Flowers in the Garden series. Today we will look at the Apiaceae family, which is also known as the carrot family. I’m also giving you a bonus of various other flowers in my edible garden! Apiaceae flowers and more!