Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 12/1/14

Wow…it’s December 1st already. Can you believe it? My Thanksgiving was wonderful, and I hope yours was, too. The week was busy – preparing for the big meal, of course. In the garden, we received just shy of 6 inches of much-needed rain in four days! The temperatures were mild, so I had the covers off my hoop tunnels, and all my newly-sown seed received a good soaking. After the rain, the night time chill returned, but all my plants are doing well. This week’s garden photos!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 2/17/14

Kindling gathered ~ thanks to Winter Storm Pax!

Kindling gathered ~ thanks to Winter Storm Pax!

What an eventful week! Winter Storm Pax visited us for a couple of days, and the entire area was covered in ice. (For pictures, click here.) I was very blessed in that my property had no damage. My yard was full of small branches, though, which I gathered up as kindling for my fireplace. After the last ice storm (Winter Storm Leon), I was surprised that my seedlings had survived. I thought for sure they wouldn’t make it through this ice storm, but they did! This week’s garden pictures!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 9/9/13

It’s been an extremely busy week in the garden this week! (So busy, I haven’t had time to plant the new yellow mums I bought for the urns by my front door, so they’re still sitting in my kitchen window.) First, I planted about 200 turnips, half Purple Top and half Golden Globe. I also applied organic fertilizer to all my new crops and seeded beds. In addition to weeding and harvesting (continual garden chores), I had to water my garden every day because we’ve had less than an inch of rain in the past two weeks. (First, so much rain, now not enough. Welcome to the south.) Then, I spent time in the kitchen: drying dill and oregano, dehydrating 6 pounds of bananas and 6 pounds of apples, and making six pints of hot pepper jelly. Whew! I need to tell my boss I don’t have time to come to work. Haha. Well, I did take time to take pictures of my garden to share with you. This week’s garden pictures!