Sanctuary Spotlight: How to Grow Pumpkins

I admit, as much as summer is the greatest time for gardening, I love autumn and the fall planting. Fall gardening is great because of the (eventual) cooler temperatures and the decrease in pests (sooner or later), but also because of the cool weather crops that can be grown. These include pumpkins. In my area, we have two seasons to plant pumpkins – the spring and mid-late summer. I planted my first pumpkins in April this year, but the evil squash borers killed them. I planted them again earlier this month, adding an additional (hopefully, more resistant) variety to my planting. Because pumpkin pie is my all-time favorite pie, I’m determined to grow my own pumpkins – and have some ready for harvest by Thanksgiving (I hope). Have you ever thought about growing your own pumpkins? How to grow pumpkins!