Crop Rotation

When most people hear the term “crop rotation,” they usually picture large farms, not a backyard garden.¬†However, the agricultural reasons for crop rotation that work for large farms also work for gardens of any size.¬†Crop rotation is a basic principle of planting that will give you the best chance of reaping a large, healthy harvest. But wait, there’s more!

Garden Planning

It’s almost Ground Hog Day, so Spring must be just around the corner – and along with it, the biggest planting season of the year. For many gardeners in the country, it may be the ONLY planting of the year. No wonder we get excited, counting the days until spring. Although you still have to wait to put those spring seeds and seedlings in the ground, you don’t have to let the winter winds keep you idle. You have a garden to plan! But wait, there’s more!