Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 8/11/14

I’m now back from a great vacation with family up in Rhode Island. It was a long drive (954 miles and two days each way), but I had a great time enjoying family, cooler weather, Italian cooking, the best fish & chips, and the prettiest rocky shoreline in the world! Before I left, I prepared all my articles for the week and a half I was gone, and they all posted on time. However, there was a glitch for one article post, and notification emails weren’t sent out. If you didn’t get an email on August 6, please check out my post “Gardening in Outer Space.”

That said, I’m sure you’re wondering about my how my garden fared while I was gone. Trust me, that was the first thing on my mind when I pulled into my driveway! I got back from vacation this past Saturday; and the second I finished unloading the car, I ran out to my garden. Overall, everything is fine. However, bugs did attack while grass and plants grew like triffids! And, alas, I did lose some things. This week’s garden photos!