When are Figs Ripe?

I have a Celeste fig tree that I bought from a nursery and transplanted in March 2012. It was fruiting size, but it spent last year putting down roots and acclimating to its new home. This year, I have my first crop of figs growing, but I’m obviously having a difficult time knowing when the figs are ripe. I’ve never grown figs before, and this past weekend I found my second too-ripe fig on the tree. Seems I need to start looking at these fruit a little more closely. Learn more!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 7/22/13

This past week has been a hot and humid one here! So hot, I passed on my daily visit to the garden and harvested only twice this week. (Me? Not in the garden every day? Yeah – that’s HOT!) Early yesterday morning, I fertilized my tomatoes and fruit trees; I still have to fertilize the rest of the garden and apply epsom salt foliar spray some time this week. I did some other garden tasks, but there’s still a lot more to be done. My fall seeds are arriving, and I’m working on getting the garden ready for the next planting.   See what’s happening!