Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 5/11/15

Tropical Storm Ana formed off the coast of South Carolina this week and definitely affected our weather. My homestead is about 25-30 miles from the beach, so we didn’t didn’t get as much rain as other areas and it wasn’t as heavy. Steady, soaking rain is good! It’s been fairly breezy off and on for the past three days, too – ebbing and flowing with the storm bands. And now, the humidity is setting in. Ugh. Thanks, Ana. Fortunately, the garden is doing well, as you shall see. This week’s garden photos!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 4/20/15

It’s been a week since I finished the spring planting (well – other than what’s going to go into pots), and it has been cloudy and rainy since. Very dreary, yes, but excellent weather for new seedlings and newly planted seed. The milder temperatures (low to mid 70s) with no scorching sun, plus daily rain (even if a drizzle), have enabled my transplants to adjust perfectly. I haven’t lost a single one! And all of my seeds have germinated or are beginning to poke out of the ground. As Luke Bryan says in his song, “Where I come from, rain is a good thing!” This week’s garden pictures!