Flowers in the Garden ~ Nightshades

Flowers in the Garden - Nightshades pic

I may be showing my age by saying this, but when I was in school, I was one of the nerds. I think today the equivalent term would be geek. (Or is even that old school now?) Anyway, age has not changed me, and I now apply my nerdiness to gardening. Well, I thought it would be interesting to compare the flowers in my garden based on plant families. I’m sure I’m not the only Gardening Geek out there, so I’m going to share my comparison photos with you in a series of four articles. Today, we’ll look at the nightshade family. Nightshade flowers

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 4/21/14

The weather has still been pretty crazy here for this time of year. The temperatures have been below average, and we even had a couple nights of temperatures in the low 40s this past week! However, I’m slowly plugging away at my spring planting – between rain storms, that is. The rains have brought forth signs of life, however, and I’m happy at how well my transplants are taking to the outside world. This week’s garden pictures!