Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 7/29/13

It’s a time of transition at the homestead. Some of my spring crops have finished their production and have been pulled from the garden (cucumbers and snap beans) while others are still producing (tomatoes and peppers). Yet still others seem to be between crops – flowering again after the first round was done (lima beans and raspberries). And there are several beds fallow, awaiting seed for fall crops. My fig tree is laden with figs not yet ripe, and my key lime tree is producing for the first time. Yes, my homestead contains a gamut of gardening growth. Come take a look!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 6/17/13

This past week has been extremely hot here in the Charleston area! For example, on Thursday, the temperature reached 99 degrees with a heat index of 107. And I had to harvest cucumbers, peppers, and beans in that heat. I literally had sweat stinging my eyes as I rushed to finish and get back into the blessed air conditioning. Thankfully, a cold front came through that night (minus any rain, unfortunately), decreasing the humidity and cutting the temperature by 15 degrees.

It was perfect timing because Friday was my son’s birthday cookout. I set up the tables beside my fire pit, near my berries and artichokes, then spread the table with some of my garden produce – bean salad, quick pickles, lettuce and onions for the burgers. It was very nice to share my garden as part of the celebration. But the best part was overhearing my son’s response to a friend’s comment about me, the garden, and the food; he said,”Yeah, I know. She’s amazing!” Aw…! Okay, before I tear up again, come see what else is happening in my garden!