Garden Bounty ~ 6/2/13

Last week, I signed up for the 2013 Blogathon, an annual challenge for bloggers to post every day for the 30 days of June. I don’t normally post on weekends, so I decided I would take the challenge. That means I have to have a plan for my weekend postings. Mondays are always my Sanctuary Gardener Updates, and Tuesdays through Fridays are open for Sanctuary Spotlight on a particular fruit or vegetable, informational articles, recipes, or just what I’ve been doing on my homestead. But what about weekend postings?

Yesterday was Day 1 of the Blogathon, and I posted about the fight I’ve been having with garden pests; not a typical Sabbath post, but I’m hoping to have something more devotional on the upcoming Saturdays. With Sunday being the first day of the week, I felt it would be appropriate to share pictures of the bountiful harvest I was blessed with during the previous week. Welcome to Week One’s Garden Bounty post!