Reason to Bee Happy ~ Pollinators in My Garden

Last Friday, I shared how you can get involved in the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. (Click here if you missed it!) Well, in honor these pollinators we have been talking about, I thought I’d share my pollinators with you today. Specifically, bees – the best pollinators in the world. I have lots of bees in my garden and yard and have been lucky enough to catch a few photos of them in action. Bees in my garden!

Critters in My Garden ~ Spring 2015

Regardless of the season, there are always critters in my garden. I often share pictures with you as part of my weekly garden updates. However, it seems it’s been quite some time since I shared a post with all my garden critters together. So, I hope you enjoy the spring edition of critters in my garden.
Critters in my garden!