Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 6/16/14

It was another HOT week in the garden this past week, and I didn’t get done as much as I had planned. So yes, I’m now behind on my garden chores. However, I did prune my tomato plants, which I had not done in three weeks. It took me several hours, but I increased the circulation among my plants and tied new branches to the stakes. At least I accomplished that in this 90 degree heat! Yet, despite my being behind on feeding and treating my plants, they are still growing and producing. This week’s garden pictures!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 10/14/13

I am loving this cooler, autumn weather! The temperatures are in the upper 70s, lower 80s with much lower humidity. It’s actually nice to be in the garden. I finally planted my cover crop (red clover), five types of radishes, watercress (in a pot), and some more golden globe turnips. I planted a few more kale seeds, too. I also trimmed my cucumber vines in an attempt to help them survive against the onslaught of pickle worms. I’m not sure if we’re past the worst of it, but I’m hoping. My mums are in bloom (see picture above) and there are good things happening in my garden. This week’s garden pictures!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 6/10/13

I’m happy to say that all my plants survived the rain last week. The hydrangeas actually loved it. (See picture above.) I cleaned up all the dead branches that fell in the yard and saved them for kindling in the fire pit. Quite a few of my pepper plants had to be staked. I trimmed my paste tomatoes, though I need to prune them some more. I also had to tie most of my tomatoes again because they’ve grown so much. This will be the last time though because they are now taller than the stakes – and me! I have some new fruit growing and fruit progressing towards harvest. See my garden!