Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 12/15/15

Good morning, everyone! Last week was a busy week for me. We celebrated Hanukkah each night, which was a great respite after my busy days. Our office is being renovated, so we had to get a lot of work done in a shortened period of time AND had to pack up the entire office by Friday. Today, our computers will be disconnected, and I will be working from home – or, on vacation time – for the next three weeks! Sa-weet!!!!!! That said, let me share a bit of the homestead happenings over the past week. Pics from the homestead!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 11/24/15

It’s Thanksgiving week, and the first frost is inching ever closer. It’s actually late this year – the year my garden was a mess and I have no fall crops growing. <sigh> But the weather is what it is. That said, I spent the weekend harvesting the vestiges of my garden’s last gasp – a few winter squash and a bunch of peppers. I also put up a new portable greenhouse to house my key lime trees and some potted plants through the winter. This week’s garden photos!