2014 Garden Weather Recap

2014 Weather Recap pic

As many of you know, I have always advocated keeping a garden journal. One of the most important things to log in your journal is the daily weather in your garden. That would include the amount of rainfall your garden gets (using a simple rain guage) as well as the daily high and low temperatures. I have been keeping rainfall stats since 2012 and started logging temperature information in 2013. With two to three years of information, it’s starting to pay off by giving me a glimpse into my garden’s climate. My garden’s weather in charts!

Just Like My Grandfather

Journal & Rose pic SG

Yesterday, my father read my article, “How to Record the Weather in Your Garden,” and it nudged a memory for him; so he commented on it on my Facebook page. My father often comments on my articles, but this time was special because he told me something about my grandfather that I didn’t know. Read more!

Keeping a Garden Journal

With today’s proliferation of emails, social media, YouTube, and blogs, does anyone even keep a journal anymore? Well, many gardeners do. And the variety of garden journals are as myriad as gardeners themselves. Some gardeners lovingly dote over beautiful bound tomes of handwritten pages and photographs, while others quickly jot down notes on their laptops. Either way, the information recorded is important, especially if you’re new to coaxing life from the earth. But wait, there’s more!