Garden-Beef Stir Fry

Garden-Beef Stir Fry Pic

Yesterday, that sub-tropical-but-not storm from the Bahamas arrived off the South Carolina coast. While at work downtown, I watched the squall lines come ashore, grateful I was inside. It was a deluge! Thankfully, I live further inland, and my garden received only a nice steady rain. However, the storm didn’t bring warm air with it. It was actually a little “raw,” in the low 60s with a stiff breeze and rain. I needed something warm to fill my belly when I got home from work, and I wanted to use my recent harvest of chard and peas. So, my Garden Wilson and I got creative together in the kitchen, and we whipped up this stir fry that tasted so wonderful, I had to share it with you. Garden-Beef Stir Fry recipe!