Fiscal Year End 2015

Hair Pulling PicThe past few days, I’ve been at work almost from sunup to sundown. I’m not sure I even remember what my garden looks like. (I don’t even want to think about my veggies getting overripe on the vine while I slave away at a desk.) Yes, folks, it’s the annual fiscal year end crunch time, but it seems that this year is worse than it’s been in several years. To be honest, I’ve been so frazzled at work (yes, that’s a picture of me above LOL), so exhausted and overwhelmed, that I actually forgot to prepare an article for you guys for today! And last night, after getting home at sunset, I still needed to deal with the monthly bill-paying exercise (yes, I get paid once a month), so I had no time (and no energy left in my brain) to create an informative – or even entertaining – article for you. And for that, I apologize.

However, lest you think I had totally forgotten you (how could I ever do that??), I decided to share this frazzled public domain photo and more-than-appropriate phrase with you. Good news? Only a few more days, and then I get a long weekend – to sleep, to get into my garden, and to stir the creative juices for next week’s posts.

Here’s looking forward to a holiday weekend. I know I sure need it!