Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 8/5/13

During this past week, we had quite a bit of rain. In fact, one evening, my back yard received 4.5 inches of rain in three hours!! Thankfully, unlike neighborhoods a mile or so away from me, my yard – and raised beds – did not flood and the puddles drained quickly. There was no damage to my garden either, other than a couple of tomato plants (and stakes) falling over from the soggy soil. Despite the mini monsoon, I was still able to do a few things in the garden, including applying organic fertilizer to what’s still growing. Although my garden is in between planting seasons, there still some things going on. Take a look!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 7/15/13

It’s been a drier week in my garden the past seven days. We had a chance to dry out from the deluge, and we got a nice steady rain (one inch) Saturday, so I didn’t have to water anything (other than my potted plants). Harvests are still coming in, especially tomatoes and peppers. I harvested most of the last of my lettuce (see the picture above, which shows my Red Sails lettuce), and I’m very happy to have had it through July. Next month I plantĀ lettuce again. My carrots are almost ready, too. (The ones in the picture could stand to get a little fatter.) I’m excited that my experiment to plant them among the tomatoes, where they’d be shaded from the intense heat of the summer sun), was so successful! I’m definitely going to do that again next year, giving me a crop of carrots growing almost year round. More!