2013 County Fair Canning Competition Results!

Today is the moment you’ve been waiting for – the results of the canning competition at our tri-county fair. I went to the fair on Saturday and ran straight to the Creative Arts Building to see if I won any ribbons. This was my first year canning, but I was still hopeful to win at least one ribbon. Did I get a surprise! And the winner is…!

Fig Preserves

This was the first year my Celeste fig tree produced fruit, and I am quite happy with the harvest – about 13 dozen over the past couple months! Because figs have a “shelf life” of only a couple days, I peeled and chopped them as soon as I harvested them and put them in the freezer (in freezer bags) until I had enough to make fig preserves. Last week, I made three batches of preserves with this recipe – just in time to enter a jar in the competition at the county fair (where I won first place AND Best of Show third place)! Fig Preserves!