Foliar Sprays for the Garden

Foliar Sprays for the Garden pic

Although I’ve written about these various foliar sprays for the garden, I’ve had so many people ask for the “recipes,” I thought I’d gather them all in one post for your convenience. These foliar sprays will provide your plants with nutrition and help them fight off disease – with ingredients commonly found around the home. Foliar sprays for the garden

Curing Magnesium Deficiency in the Garden

Magnesium Deficiency Pic

Many of the plants in my garden have been showing signs of magnesium deficiency ranging from mild interveinal chlorosis to severe bleaching of the leaves with brown spots. (Each plant may show the signs a little differently, though interveinal chlorosis — leaves turning yellow while the veins remain green — is the predominant sign.) I knew I had to do something quickly! Curing magnesium deficiency in the garden!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 2/11/13

There’s more green in my sanctuary garden since last week. Inside, my seedlings are growing up and moving out of the nursery; I’ve already transplanted 20 seedlings into larger containers. Outside, we had two inches of much needed rain! But also, I tried something new that I think has contributed to a difference in my plants. Come, take a look!