Garden Bounty ~ Week Ending 7/6/14

Even though it’s been extremely hot and humid for weeks, my garden is still producing enough for enjoying right away with a little extra for preserving. (I know I’ll have harvests out my ears once it cools down a little!) This week, I harvested 14 cucumbers, 1 (almost 6 lb) white watermelon, 1 (half-pound) butternut squash, a half pound of snap beans (last harvest until I replant), almost a pound of lima beans (shelled), 3.4 pounds of eggplant, 6.6 pounds of peppers, and 19.5 pounds of tomatoes! Garden Bounty in pictures!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 3/10/14

I’m getting excited because I think the winter weather is finally past us. We’ll still have nights below 40 degrees for a bit, but nothing below freezing anymore, I don’t think. It’s been quite the winter for the Charleston, SC area, and I’m glad spring is arriving. My seedlings are coming up in the “grow room,” and there are new signs of spring in my garden. This week’s garden pictures!