Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 5/11/15

Tropical Storm Ana formed off the coast of South Carolina this week and definitely affected our weather. My homestead is about 25-30 miles from the beach, so we didn’t didn’t get as much rain as other areas and it wasn’t as heavy. Steady, soaking rain is good! It’s been fairly breezy off and on for the past three days, too – ebbing and flowing with the storm bands. And now, the humidity is setting in. Ugh. Thanks, Ana. Fortunately, the garden is doing well, as you shall see. This week’s garden photos!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 5/4/15

It’s May, three weeks after planting, and I don’t think my plants are as big as they should be. Yet, my radishes, chard, and lettuce are growing just fine. Hmm…cool weather crops doing well, hot weather crops just hanging in there. Factor in that our nights have been in the low 50s on a regular basis this week (with the other night reaching a low of 47!), and I think the mystery is solved. More normal, warmer weather is on the way, so I should have more to share with you soon. Meanwhile, enjoy! This week’s garden photos!