Critters in My Garden ~ Spring 2015

Regardless of the season, there are always critters in my garden. I often share pictures with you as part of my weekly garden updates. However, it seems it’s been quite some time since I shared a post with all my garden critters together. So, I hope you enjoy the spring edition of critters in my garden.
Critters in my garden!

Empty Nest

Today, I want to give you an update on┬áthe Eastern Bluebird family which chose my birdhouse to raise their young. If you are new to my site, you can read my initial post regarding the first sighting of the bluebird couple, as well as the post on the newly hatched babies. Although I personally never saw the babies (only heard them), my beau had the wonderous experience of seeing them be fed – and had the ability to catch them on camera. (See above picture of one of the babies.) More!

Baby Bluebirds Have Arrived

In April, I posted about a couple of Eastern bluebirds checking out my birdhouse. We watched them build a nest and waited with anticipation for the sound of tiny peeps as baby bluebirds popped out of their eggs. However, after a couple of weeks, it seemed as if the couple decided they weren’t going to stay. Instead of carrying nesting material to the birdhouse, we watched them carry material from the birdhouse. And then, they were gone. Weeks went by with no activity. We didn’t even see a bluebird, male or female. The birdhouse sat empty, rejected, its entrance a gaping “oh” of sadness. But about three or four weeks ago, that changed!

In the Beginning, God Created…

Whenever I’m in my garden, I’m continuously in awe of God’s creation. My garden is living proof that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…and all that is in them. Continued!

Bluebirds in the House

I was outside most of the time this past week, harvesting my winter crops and planting my spring crops. While in the garden, I noticed a beautiful male Eastern Bluebird checking out my birdhouse more than once. I hung that house last spring, and it’s never had a nest. Just a one time visitor last year, which happened to be my first sighting of an Eastern Bluebird (ever). A male had checked out the house, but he didn’t stay. When I saw the male this week, I wondered if he were the same one and if he would choose my house this year. Find out!