Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 11/4/13

Great news in the garden this past week: it rained! Friday night we got 1.2 inches of rain, and my plants are so happy. In fact, it was just what my newly planted seeds needed to poke through the earth. I’ve got different lettuces, spinach, carrots, beets, watercress, onions, and garlic sprouting now. I just planted the garlic, onions, and spinach 10 days ago, too. I love seeing new things growing in my garden, especially this time of year. This week in the garden!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 2/11/13

There’s more green in my sanctuary garden since last week. Inside, my seedlings are growing up and moving out of the nursery; I’ve already transplanted 20 seedlings into larger containers. Outside, we had two inches of much needed rain! But also, I tried something new that I think has contributed to a difference in my plants. Come, take a look!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 1/27/13

Boy have things been busy this week here at my Sanctuary Garden! Not only do I have 14 raised beds that I’m tending outside, I now also have six flats of seeds and seedlings that I’m nurturing. The weather has cooled off since my last update with temperatures closer to average, so the growth of the outside veggies has slowed a bit. Yet, most of my winter crops now have their secondary (true) leaves. And seeds are already popping through the soil under my grow lamps! Come take a look!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 1/13/13

With the unseasonably warm weather here in the Charleston, SC area, seedlings are popping out all over my garden. So much so, I felt another garden update was needed. Here’s what has happened in my garden since Friday’s update. But wait, there’s more!