Ceviche with Peruvian Rocoto Sauce

In 2006, I traveled to Lima, Peru on a short-term missions trip. While I was there, I ate ceviche for the first time. Served with purple potatoes and Incan corn, the fish had been soaked in lime juice and was dressed in a creamy, pepper-hot sauce that was incredibly tasty. I loved that meal and wanted to find a way to have it again in the States. Our interpreter had told me that the spicy sauce over the ceviche was made with rocoto peppers, but seven years of searching for those peppers in grocery stores and markets has been unfruitful. That’s when I decided to grow my own rocoto peppers (as well as purple potatoes this past winter). Well, my rocoto peppers started ripening last week, so it was time to have my Peruvian meal. Ceviche with Peruvian Rocoto Sauce!