Critters in the Garden 2013

It’s amazing the critters I find in my garden. From mammals to birds to reptiles to insects (both wanted and unwanted), it’s almost like my back yard is a wildlife preserve. Although I have been unable to get pictures of everything in my garden — most notably the squirrels and insect pests – I have taken quite a few, and I’d like to share some of them with you. I’ve posted a few of these pictures on my blog throughout this spring and summer, but not all. Come take a look!

New Visitor in the Garden

With all my talk of the nasty critters in my garden – the leaf-footed bugs, stink bugs, Japanese beetles, slugs – I thought I’d share one of the cuter critters I recently found in my yard. The other day, I pulled into my driveway and found this cute bunny in my front yard, eating my grass. He actually allowed me to sneak up on him and snap a couple of photos (zoom on) before he hopped away. Isn’t he cute?

Bunny rabbit in my yard

Bunny rabbit in my yard

Because my garden is within my fence-enclosed back yard, all he had to eat was my grass. As long as he stays out of my garden, he’ll stay cute!

What critters are in your garden?