Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 7/14/14

It was a happy, happy weekend in the garden. We got rain! In two days, my back yard received 3.3 inches of rain. The rain we got last weekend held the garden over until this weekend, so I didn’t have to water anything but my potted plants all week. The only negative is that the rain makes the air even more humid (think steam bath), and the mosquitoes have come out in full force. Good thing I eat lots of garlic; the mosquitoes don’t usually bite me, but they are annoying. I’ve got a few new items in the garden to share today, and I now know what the mystery melon is! Come take a look. This week’s garden photos!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 7/22/13

This past week has been a hot and humid one here! So hot, I passed on my daily visit to the garden and harvested only twice this week. (Me? Not in the garden every day? Yeah – that’s HOT!) Early yesterday morning, I fertilized my tomatoes and fruit trees; I still have to fertilize the rest of the garden and apply epsom salt foliar spray some time this week. I did some other garden tasks, but there’s still a lot more to be done. My fall seeds are arriving, and I’m working on getting the garden ready for the next planting.   See what’s happening!