Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 2/10/14

Yesterday was a big day in the garden. It’s the most time I’ve spent in the garden in a long time. The temperature was 67 degrees, and I loved it! I planted 38 potato plants – red, purple, and fingerlings. Then I trimmed the ice-caused dead leaves off my garlic and added fertilizer and Azomite to the bed. Next, I weeded the asparagus and added Azomite to that bed, as well. Finally, I fertilized the apple trees. (I’m a few weeks late with that, but it’s an organic fertlizer; so I should be okay.) After the gardening chores, I examined my seedlings and was amazed. Pictures of a resurrected garden!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 11/25/13

It’s been a busy week at the homestead, and I think my garden is unsure just what season it’s in. The temperatures have fluctuated from the first frost to several days in the upper 60s and mid-70s to a high of 46 yesterday! As I write this, it’s below freezing with a wind chill of 27. In the Charleston area…before Thanksgiving. I think we’re in for a real winter this year. Tough for the garden, but the bright side is the cold weather just might kill off over-wintering insects, making things better in the spring. Well, despite the weather, I had some wonderful additions to the homestead. This week in pictures!

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 1/27/13

Boy have things been busy this week here at my Sanctuary Garden! Not only do I have 14 raised beds that I’m tending outside, I now also have six flats of seeds and seedlings that I’m nurturing. The weather has cooled off since my last update with temperatures closer to average, so the growth of the outside veggies has slowed a bit. Yet, most of my winter crops now have their secondary (true) leaves. And seeds are already popping through the soil under my grow lamps! Come take a look!