Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 12/8/14

Autumn is finally in full swing here in my Sanctuary Garden. This past week, the days’ temperatures climbed into the lower 70s, but autumn weather will return this coming week after the cold front that passed this weekend. The leaves are falling, many limbs are bare, but there is still some new growth in my garden. This weeks’ garden photos!

The Orchard is Growing!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, my order from Stark Brothers Nursery arrived. I was so excited to receive my apple trees, grape vines, and asparagus. I mentioned their arrival in my weekly update that week, but I decided to share the planting of them after the holidays were over. So, today, I will show you how I planted the apple trees. (On Friday I will post about planting the grape vines, and next week I’ll post how to plant asparagus.) How to plant apple trees!