Apple Trees in the South

Apple trees in the South? What?? Why, yes, Virginia, you can grow apple trees in the South! But you’re not alone in being surprised. I figured I could never grow apples down here in South Carolina. I grew up in Rhode Island where we could pick our own apples at local orchards, and I figured those days were over for me now that I live in Zone 8. However, I tasted a wonderful, new kind of apple a couple of months ago – a Pink Lady (a.k.a. Cripps Pink) – and I did some online research to find out more about that particular variety. During that research, I discovered that there ARE apple cultivars that will grow in hardiness zones with low chill hours! If you live in the Southern United States and thought you couldn’t grow apples, pull up a chair and read on for a pleasant surprise. (Above photo credit: Growing apples in the South!