Natural Immune Boosters ~ Coconut Oil

Coconut oil pic

If you’re like me, you’re about done with summer and looking forward to the cooler weather of autumn and winter. Yet, with the cooler weather comes cold and flu season. And I bet you’re like me in this regard, too – you don’t want to get sick, and you don’t want to rely on over-the-counter medications if you do. Well, the other day, I was reading an article that listed ten natural immune boosters. I so liked what I read, I decided to do some research on each item on the list and share each one with you in its own post. Today, we’ll look at coconut oil. Coconut Oil benefits!

Name that Wildflower

What is this?

What is this?

While watering my garden today (in the 89 degree heat with 87% humidity), I found a new wildflower in my yard. It’s been way too hot to cut the grass, so many herbs are showing me their flowers – some, like this one, that I’ve never seen before. I did a little research to identify this herb’s wildflower. Does anyone know what this is? šŸ˜‰

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P.S. If you’re interested in pictures of other wildflowers in my yard, check out these posts:

Q&A Thursday ~ How to Store Dried Herbs

How to Store Dried Herbs PicToday is the first day of something new ~ Q&A Thursdays. I’ve had several readers ask me questions via comments, email, and my Facebook page. I always respond to your questions as quickly as I can, but I thought I would also start sharing the questions and answers here so everyone can benefit. Every Thursday, I will share one question and answer from you, my readers. To participate, please send me your question via my Facebook page or by email at I won’t share your name, but I will share your town or state if you give it to me. Now on to today’s question. How to store dried herbs!

Wildflowers or Weeds ~ Part 2

Wildflowers or Weeds Part 2 PicLast spring, I posted an article with pictures of all the wildflowers I found in my yard. (See “Wildflowers or Weeds.”) Some would call them weeds, but I find most of them quite acceptable in my yard. This spring, I was enjoying many of these same flowers when I noticed a few new ones. Well, new to me, at least. So, here is a “part two” of my yard’s wildflowers. (The picture above is a blue-eyed grass flower.) Wildflowers in my yard!

10 Great Herbs for Your Home Farmacy ~ Part 2

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As a member of the South Carolina Herbal Society, I’m learning a lot about the wonders of herbs. After each monthly class, I’ve been sharing with you the information I’ve learned. This month’s class was on ten great herbs for your home farmacy. Last Friday, I wrote about the first five herbs in Part 1 of this two-part series. Today, I’ll share the remaining five herbs we discussed in class. Herbs for your farmacy!

Mullein Tea to the Rescue

Mullein leaf tea pic SG

Last weekend, my son and I made a road trip to Virginia. Unfortunately, we brought back a virus that has thrown us for a loop! Thankfully, he didn’t get it as badly as I did. But I’m definitely hard down. (Thanks to a laptop in bed, I can still prep this post.) I must say, I have not been this sick in close to five years. It seems that the change in environment and weather, as well as the stress of taking a trip, compromised my immune system to the point I got sick. As soon as I felt it coming on, I did what I always do to stop a cold from progressing – took osha root tincture; increased my doses of zinc, and vitamins C and D3; and drank lots of water and tea. This time, it didn’t work. I got sick anyway. I’ve been wanting to learn about herbal medicine, but I didn’t think I’d have to think on my feet like this. What I tried!

Herbal Folklore

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Tuesday evening, I attended my first meeting of the South Carolina Herbal Society here in Charleston. Because I’m very interested in learning about herbs and herbal medicine, I brought my membership form and annual fee with me. After the first meeting, I can already say that it is going to be worth it! The leader of the meeting is an experienced herbalist, and she shared for an hour and a half on herbal folklore. As we know, there is usually a thread of truthĀ underlyingĀ “old wives’ tales” or folklore, so it was interesting to learn how people used herbs centuries ago. Although she couldn’t possibly touch on every herb and its folklore in that short period of time, she did speak about the most common herbs. I’d like to now share with you some of what I learned. Herbal Folklore!

Herbal Allies in the Garden ~ N through Z

Last week, I posted the first article in this two-part series, “Herbal Allies in the Garden ~ A through M.” Today, I’m sharing with you the herbal (and floral) allies list N through Z. Again, although this list is not exhaustive, it represents many of the common herbs and flowers gardeners plant. Consider growing these among your vegetables and fruit trees to help repel garden pests and disease as well as draw beneficial insects to your garden. And the added beauty is always a plus! Learn about herbal allies!

Herbal Allies in the Garden – A through M

I know it’s autumn and many of you are even now preparing for the soon-coming winter storms; but if you’re like me, you’re already thinking about and planning your spring garden. It may still be just in your head (or in your dreams) or you may have actually started plotting it out on paper. Well, don’t solidify your plan just yet. I have some great information that will change your plan for the better.Ā A few months ago, IĀ posted an article aboutĀ Edible Landscaping, which utilizes companion planting. Today, I’m going to show you how to kick your companion planting up a notch by purposeful planting of herbs – and flowers – that will not only make your vegetableĀ garden look pretty but also help with pest control and pollination. I have taken my research and created a list of herbs and flowers with the vegetable they benefit and how they benefit it. Although this list is not exhaustive, it’s so longĀ I decided to publish the list in two posts. Today’s list is for herbs and flowers A through M; don’t forget to look at the list for N through Z, as well. Learn about herbal allies!