My Trees in Israel

Certificate for planting 3 pomegranate trees in Israel Oct15 SGGood morning, folks. I have to admit, yesterday was not one of my better days. Work is kicking my butt, and I had my hands full all day. However, after dragging my tired carcass home after work yesterday, I opened my mail and found something that turned my whole day around!

Last month, I shared with you that I worked with Israel Trees to help plant fruit trees in Israel after the Shmitta/Sabbath year ended. (If you missed the article, you can read it here, and still donate to plant trees yourself.) I donated to plant three pomegranate trees in the Land.

Well, yesterday, my certificate from Israel Trees arrived! It’s official now. Somewhere in the Holy Land, there are three pomegranate trees with my name on them (so to speak). Three trees are now stretching their roots in the same soil that Abraham, Moses, Joshua or even David walked upon millenia ago. Three trees are now reaching their limbs towards the same sky that Elijah was taken up into. And three trees will now be producing the same fruit that decorated the hem of the High Priest’s garments in the ancient Temple.

Three trees. My three trees. In Israel. Growing. Soon to produce beautiful pomegranates for the modern children of Israel.

Through those three trees, a piece of me is now there, connecting me to the Land of my forefathers. Gardening and farming doesn’t get any better than that.




2 comments on “My Trees in Israel

  1. What a wonderful connection! I have a treasure, a necklace made of rough cut Amber beads, all different sizes, on the original cotton string, that my great great grandmothers would place around the babies necks to prevent goiter! It’s so neat to think about them lovingly protecting there children’s!

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