She’s Dead, Jim!

Dead Garden pic

Hi, everyone. I know I promised you the September installment of “How My Garden Grows” this week. However, that is no longer possible. There just isn’t enough of my garden left alive and well to take pictures of, bed by bed. In fact, my work schedule, the high holy days, and rain on weekends have, together, made it near impossible for me to clear the weeds, and they’re now running the show in several of my beds! Trust me, you don’t want to see my garden now. Heck, even I don’t want to see it! <sigh>

As we march towards first frost, I’ll share pictures of plants here and there, but the How My Garden Grows series is over for the year. (I promise I’ll still do the slide show in December for everyone.) That said, I have a couple pictures for you, taken a couple weeks ago (when the sun was shining — that yellow orb we haven’t seen in days and days).

My chili peppers are still growing and producing, and so are my squash and pumpkins. I have watermelon vines, but no melons – that I’ve noticed lately, anyway.

My black futsu squash, planted in the corner, has one vine growing along my fence. Some morning glory vines are growing (self-seeded — I can’t seem to get rid of them!!) and the two have intertwined so well, they’re standing up without support.

Black Futsu squash vine intertwined with morning glory vines

Black Futsu squash vine intertwined with morning glory vines

The vine continues down the fence (towards the bottom of the picture above), and is now climbing up into my crepe myrtle tree. I forgot to check if there are any squash hanging from the tree! LOL

Black Futsu squash vine climbing up crepe myrtle tree

Black Futsu squash vine climbing up crepe myrtle tree

So, I apologize that I will not have garden pictures for you tomorrow and Thursday. However, I spent this evening creating a recipe, using my Black Futsu squash (winter squash). It came out so fantastic, I will be sharing that with you tomorrow.


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